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Add a playful new member to your family! We love puppies and offer everything you need to care for your new puppy, including toys, carriers, leashes, collars, and costumes. When your little one is worn out from a day of bouncing around, our cozy doggie beds are perfect for a puppy nap. And of course, a tasty dog treat is the perfect reward for good behavior. We sell organic pet food made in the USA.

Want to add a puppy to your family?
We take pride in providing healthy and loving puppiesĀ and are associated only with a select group of caring breeders. All of our high-quality puppies are given veterinary exams before arriving to our store and are kept up-to-date on vaccines. They are given a second exam by our local veterinarian and receive a health certificate before we will ever sell a puppy. We offer a one-year guarantee for any congenital or hereditary defect. Ask around. Abracadabra Pet Center has a great reputation and has matched hundreds of loving, healthy puppies to welcoming homes.

Puppies for Sale

POMERANIAN-(M)- 597587

Pomeranian -Male

SHIH-TZU --(M) 597093

Shih-Tzu — Male