Dog Training in Ormond Beach

Obedience training strengthens your dog’s bond to you and builds his or her confidence in day-to-day situations. Even basic obedience can bring peace to your home, prevent destructive behaviors, and save your dog from potentially dangerous situations. A well-behaved dog gets to accompany its family on more outings and live a more enriched life.

Read on for information on our Ormond Beach Dog Training Programs:

Basic Obedience

For dogs new to training, basic obedience will build a strong foundation of obedience and strengthen your relationship with your dog. We will cover basic obedience commands and manners that set the foundation for a well-balanced companion.

Commands: Sit, Come, Down, Heel, Stay, Place, Leave It, Focus
Manners: Polite Greetings (Other Dogs &People), Polite Doors, Auto-Sit in Heel

Intermediate Obedience

For dogs who have successfully demonstrated basic commands, we will continue to train your dog to focus on you in more difficult situations. We introduce the commands “front” and “under” and improve on the basic commands by increasing duration, distance, and distractions. We also build the ability to give silent commands.

Agility Training

Build an unbreakable bond through our agility sessions that are a positive and fun experience. These lessons will encourage your dog to trust you and boost your dog’s overall confidence. This class introduces your dog to new experiences, objects, and textures such as wheelchairs, crutches, and vacuums along with basic agility equipment.

All private lessons are taught in 5 one-hour sessions starting at $465 for the entire course. Classes are held at Abracadabra Pet Center.


Call 386-673-8189 to register for dog training.

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