Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo’s $32 Million Settlement


Blue Buffalo settled their class action lawsuit for $32 million dollars in December 2015.  They were sued for mislabeling their products and false advertising.  This class action lawsuit began in May of 2014 when Purina began a lawsuit for false advertising.  Blue Buffalo dismissed this lawsuit at the time, saying Purina’s independent tests were not valid.  Blue Buffalo eventually admitted to using poultry-by products, but the company blamed it on their pet food manufacturer Wilbur Ellis. Despite admitting to mislabeling their foods, Blue Buffalo did not recall their products. You can read more at Truth About Pet Food or on Pet Food Industry’s website.

From time to time, we receive requests to carry Blue Buffalo in our store. To be truthful, we’ve been close to considering it, but this latest lawsuit has reinforced the importance of handpicking the brands of pet foods we carry. A lot of our brands do not spend millions of dollars in advertising. Instead of trying to sell you on how good they are, these companies dedicate their time to making quality foods for our pets. We proudly carry their products on our shelves.

If you were feeding your pet Blue Buffalo and are looking for new options, or if you just want to chat with us about dog food, reach out to us. Write a comment, subscribe to our blog, or stop by our shop any time.