Dog Pulling Photo

5 Ways to Reinforce Your Dog’s Training


Many people think dog training will be a strict regimen containing hours of hard work every day, but in fact, training can be easily slipped into your normal daily routine.

Reinforce everything you and your dog have learned from your dog trainer with simple 2-5 minute sessions each day for basic obedience. Slip these training sessions into your daily routine with these simple tricks:

  • “Sit” before going through doors, for meals, and before getting leashed. 
  • “Down” for meals, when cooking dinner or getting ready before work. 
  • “Heel” to the mailbox and back, or from room to room in your house. 
  • “Come” from one side of the room to the other, from person to person, or from different rooms- make it a game! 
  • “Place” when sweeping, vacuuming or mopping, watching TV or eating dinner.

Once your dog has a good understanding of his or her obedience commands, it is very easy to sneak in quick training sessions to proof or maintain each command. These short, positive, and fun sessions will help establish manners while strengthening your bond and stimulating your dog mentally! So use those commercial breaks or take advantage of a walk to the mailbox.

At Abracadabra we are always looking for ways to keep your pets happy and healthy.  For more expert behavior tips call us at 386-673-8189 or come in and talk to our dog trainer, Sha, and schedule a free behavior evaluation or check current dog training session availability.