Healthy Dog

5 Tips on Dog Health from Your Groomer


At Abracadabra we care about the health and happiness of your pet.  Here is a list of common preventable issues we come across while grooming.  Many people think that some of these issues are simply cosmetic, but the truth is that they cause much more severe health issues for your dog.

Matted Hair
Comb your dog or have them groomed often to prevent matted hair.  Matted hair can cause serious health problems and severe pain for your pet.  Their skin is very delicate and will turn a pink or red color from irritation of the matted hair.  Matted hair can trap moisture, bacteria, bug larvae, dirt or feces, all of which are detrimental to your pet’s health.  Sores can form and blood flow can be restricted in severe cases.

Long Nails
Long nails change the alignment of the bones in your dog’s foot, causing them to stand and walk differently.  This causes joint stress and can lead to arthritis.  Posture is very important for your pet, just like with people, and poor posture can lead to back and shoulder pains.  Trimming nails is not just a cosmetic issue.  Nails should be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks.  If you have an active dog that plays a lot outside, this can be done less often because the terrain will wear the dog’s nails down naturally.

Express Anal Glands
Anal glands should express with every bowel movement, but many dogs have hereditary issues or have developed issues from poor quality dog food.  If you see your dog biting or scratching their rear end, they need to have their anal glands expressed.  Impacted anal glands can become painful, cause bowel movements to become difficult, and in severe situations, lead to an abscess and/or infection.

Skin Rash or Irritaion
The number one cause of skin conditions is poor quality dog food.  Dog food can cause flaky skin, irritation, greasy coat, and hair loss.  Skin problems can also be caused by vaccinations, parasites, bacteria, allergies, and environmental pollutants.  You can read more from this article:  Dog Skin Conditions

Ear Infections
Dogs with non-erect ears and with excess hair in the outer ear canal are prone to ear infections.  Make sure to clean out ears regularly and have a groomer trim hair inside the ear.  Also check for redness, abnormal discharges, or odors.  You can read more from PetMD:  Dog Ear Infections

Taking simple steps with your dog’s hygiene are instrumental in your dog’s health.  Stop by or call Abracadabra to book your appointment today. We’re happy to help you with your pet’s health and hygiene.