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5 Signs to Change Your Dog’s Food


When Do You Change Your Dog’s Food?

Customers frequently visit our store and describe alarming symptoms that they don’t realize are often correlated to the food they are feeding their pets.  Some brands of food have had frequent recalls for improper ingredients in their food that cause illness in your pets.  If your dog is experiencing any of the following symptoms it’s time to change their food.  Here are 5 signs to change your dog’s food:

The Symptoms

1. Lethargy- Is your dog less playful?  Do they sleep all day?  This is a common symptom that your dogs food is not providing them the proper nutrients.

2.  Unusually Frequent Water Consumption and Urination-  Your dog can experience excessive thirst from improper nutrition.  The body triggers itself to flush out toxins.

3.  Hair Loss or Rashes-  These symptoms frequently appear when your dog is having allergic reactions to their food.  Just like with people, a dog’s skin is a window into their health and malnutrition will show these symptoms.

4.  Loose Stools or Diarrhea-  This is a very strong indication of your dog’s food disagreeing with them.  Poorly manufactured food has contaminants that cause bad reactions within your pet.

5.  Loss of Appetite or Vomiting-  Vomiting is one of the most sever symptoms, and we recommend visiting your veterinarian if this symptom persists.  Many veterinarians are familiar with certain brands of foods causing illness in pets and will often recommend a change in diet.

The Cause

Does your dog experience some of these symptoms?  Do you feed your dog Blue Buffalo? On the consumer affairs website there are over 900 reviews from the general public telling stories of their pets getting sick from feeding them Blue Buffalo.  This company is also being sued by Nestle Purina for having food that contains things they represent not having, such as by-product meal and corn.  According to scientists that Purina hired, Blue Buffalo’s food contains raw feathers, egg shells, and leg scales.  Blue Buffalo is claiming that Purina’s scientists had improper equipment to test their food.  Blue Buffalo is based out of Connecticut and they do not have their own manufacturing facilities.  Blue Buffalo foods are co-packaged by Ainsworth, CJ Foods, and Simmons.

The Solution

If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms we strongly recommend changing the food you are feeding them.  At Abracadabra Pet Center we often recommend food by Fromm’s, Evangers, or Earthborn.  Come visit us and see our large selection of high quality foods that will lead to a happy and healthy pet!