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5 Benefits to Exercising Your Dog


At Abracadabra, we are always working to help increase the bond and understanding between people and their dogs. The more we understand the reasons behind our dogs behaviors, the better we can listen and give them what they need. Many times something that may seem concerning is solved by a simple solution. Here are five reasons that your dog may need some more exercise:

  1. More exercise means less destruction

Dogs who are destructive or unruly are often acting out because they are not getting enough exercise in their day to day life. This could be anything from stealing objects and running from you, destroying things, getting into the trash, and even going to the bathroom in the house despite being housebroken. Your dog does not do these things to spite you, but in fact they are signs of needing to burn excess energy. For many dogs, a walk around the neighborhood is not enough to use up their energy for the day. That excess energy turns into boredom and destructive behaviors. Try taking some extra time to play fetch or some other exhaustive activity with your dog. This will increase your bond with them and deter these unwanted behaviors.

  1. Help Appetite

We hear more and more about dogs that are picky eaters. This can come from a variety of reasons, but a common one is just not being hungry. A dog that is not physically active may not get hungry and will only eat a little bit throughout the day instead of eating regular meals. Exercising properly often increases their appetite.

  1. Helps with digestion

Regular exercise strengthen’s the abdominal muscles and gets your pup’s heart rate up. This increases blood flow and encourages your dog’s intestines to push waste through at a more productive rate. This can potentially help with sensitive stomachs as well.

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight

Staying active helps your dog maintain their weight. This reduces the chances of many illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, hip and joint diseases and can greatly lessen the chances of hip dysplasia in non-hereditary cases. In cases where hip dysplasia occurs proper exercise may also be able to reduce the effects of hip dysplasia. In older dogs, regular exercise can help them maintain their weight instead of losing it.

  1. Reducing anxiety

Exercise stimulates your pet’s mind and helps build their confidence. At our doggie daycare, we often see reduced anxiety in dogs after regular visits because they get lots of exercise and socialization with other dogs. When it comes to separation anxiety, regular exercise paired with proper training can eliminate most symptoms while increasing the overall mental and physical wellbeing of your dog.

When your dog rummages through your trash or destroys your favorite pillow, they are trying to tell you something. By getting to know your dog and understanding their needs, you can both live a happier and healthier life together. To find pet friendly parks in Volusia County visit our recent blog article here, or visit www.BringFido.com. If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior, call us at 386-673-8189 and ask to talk to our dog trainer and behavior specialist, Sha.