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3 Steps to Improve Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene


How do you improve your cat or dog’s breath?

Start with improving your pet’s dental hygiene!

Periodontal Disease is when bacteria causes the breakdown of your pet’s gums, resulting in loss of tissue and, in severe cases, bone.  The early signs are hard to detect, but if you start to see bleeding gums, loose teeth, or excessive plaque buildup, your pet probably has gum disease.  There are a lot of products that claim to clean your pet’s teeth, but nothing substitutes brushing your pet’s teeth or having them cleaned by a professional. These steps will go a long way in improving your dog’s breath and dental health.

Step 1:  Apply a protective teeth cleaning gel.

Tropiclean makes a teeth-cleaning gel that you apply to both sides of your pet’s mouth daily.  The gel mixes with your pet’s saliva and coats their teeth to fight plaque buildup and bad breath. Tropiclean also makes dental chews that you can feed your pet daily.

Step 2:  Give your pet dental chews or other tough dog treats like bully sticks.

Dental chews work simply by harnessing the power of your pet’s chewing.  While your pet chews, the treat scrubs the teeth and coats them with anti-plaque ingredients. We sell a few products that can help maintain your pet’s dental health in between a good teeth brushing:

Greenies is a favorite for dental hygiene.  We sell a lot of Greenies’ dental chews and get great feedback from pet owners.  Greenies also makes very good grain free options.

Bone-A-Mints are another great option.  These are perfect for the pet with bad breath.  Give them one of these chewies daily for a zap of minty freshness.

Step 3:  Have your pets teeth brushed.

There are a lot of products that claim to clean your pets teeth, but nothing substitutes brushing your pets teeth or having them cleaned by a professional.  At Abracadabra you can have your pet’s teeth brushed for just $10!  We also do professional deep teeth cleaning starting at $150.


Tooth removal can cost upwards of $600!  Help reduce your dog’s risk of dental issues by taking these  inexpensive steps.  For more helpful health tips for your pets subscribe to our blog, or come visit us at our Ormond Beach location.